How to choose the right towel and how to take care of it

Towel care

Want you towels to last longer? Here are some advice on how to take care of them.
– Before the first wash, soak your towels in cold water over night. This will make the fibers more agile and minimize shrinkage.
– Our bath linen are machine washable at 40°C. Stick to the advice on the care label, and your towels will last longer.
– Wash separately for the first three weeks, then with similar colors.
– When washing, avoid mixing our bath linen with other close. Zippers, buttons and hooks might damage the small loops in the fabric.
– If a loop should come loose, don’t pull it. Simply cut it of with a scissor.
– If you want your towels as fluffy as possibly, let the tumble dry completely.
– Be careful with fabric softener. In the long run it will make your towels less absorbent.

Does the size really matter?

Our towels come in four different sizes. Here’s a quick guide on how to apply them.
– Mini Towel or Guest Towel (30x50cm) Perfect for your guest toilet, as well as for your face during your beauty routine.
– Hand Towel (50x100cm) Ideal for wiping your hands, or drying your hair. A great compliment to the Bath Towel below, or to use when traveling.
– Bath Towel (70x140cm) Perfect size to snuggle up in after a shower.
– Bath Sheet (100x150cm) Want to go XL? This towel will wrap its arms around you and provide the best comfort after a warm bath.