My name is Lili, a typical Parisian recently relocated to Stockholm, Sweden, for the sake of love.
Leaving cheek kisses, indoor shoes and long dinners accompanied by wine on a regular Tuesday behind, I had to come up with something adding some color to the Scandinavian minimalism now surrounding me.
And voilà, Maison Lili was born. Built on the idea of bringing colour, and playfulness to the strict white and marble bathroom, my bath linen aim to take you on a trip to the continent. I really hope you want to join me.

What so special about our towels?

Apart from their colour and design, our bath linen comes with a series of perks.
For starters, the collection consists out of three different motifs in four sizes, all with matching bath mats.
Mix and match, or keep it simple. And add your personal touch to it by choosing the colour of the seams and, if you wish, by adding a personal embroidery. With the exceptionally high density of 700g, the fabric guarantee you a long lasting product of high quality.
Woven with a low twist-technique we offer you maximum fluffiness, high absorbance and quickly drying towels.
What’s not to like? All products are labeled Oeko-Tex® standard 100. Meaning no harmful toxins for you or the environment.
So, wrap yourself in fluffiness. You are worth it.