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Headband Pink Stitching


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Tired of your hair getting in the way for your beauty routine? Let our new headband, made from soft cotton with an adjustable scratch, solve it for you.

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Add that little extra:

Make it personal with embroidery. Add your, or someone you like’s, name or initials in the same color as your seams. Just write the name in the field below and don’t forget to check the spelling. Do you want something more advanced? Send an email to broderi@maisonlili.com and we´ll help you with it. And psst, adding embroidery will also add some extra days to your delivery.

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Our white headband allows you to keep your hair back during your facials, makeup, shower and bath.
Its 100% cotton 700G Low-Twist, the texture is very soft, extremely comfortable to wear and can absorb the different splashes of product that could cause your facial, makeup, shower or bath.
Now you can do your beauty treatment like a pro!

Thanks to the Maison Lili headband:
– You will apply your facial like a pro
– You will can do your make up with confidence without being disturbed by hair
– You will avoid wetting your hair while showering or bathing
– Your hair will be protected from your creams or foundation

How to use our headband?
Tie your hair (or not ;)) and put on your headband before starting your beauty ritual …
It is adjustable thanks to a scratch.
And… You are ready!
Our headband can go to the washing machine at 40 °.